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Lembongan Island Snorkeling Package | Bali

Lembongan Island Snorkeling Package
Lembongan Island, taken by hagemannandrea/flickr

Lembongan, — Located around 11 kms off the Southesast of Bali Island, the small yet beautiful Lembongan Island has become one of favorite destinations for holiday gateway, especially for underwater adventures diving, snorkeling and other water sport activities. Therefore, Travelers like to book Lembongan Island Snorkeling Package, one of most favorite activities in Lembongan for family trip or even honeymoon. You shall gain the unforgettable underwater adventure with beautiful natural panorama, coral reefs, colorful fishes, beautiful coral reefs, and amazing manta rays.

Lembongan Island Snorkeling Package

Lembongan Island, taken by hagemannandrea/flickr

Lembongan Island: A Small Paradise at East Bali

Lembongan is only 8 km square in size, but surrounded with beautiful beaches. Along with Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan, those three islands are registered into Klungkung District, East Bali. Those three small islands are separated by Badung Strait. The development of Nusa Penida and Lembongan has started since Year 2000. However, this island cluster become so popular within the last 5 years. Moreover, in 2017, the Government has successfully completed the development of a 140 mter-bridge. Famous as Yellow Bridge or Love Bridge, it connects Lembongan to Nusa Penida and Ceningan.

If you are interested to have experience of Lembongan Island Snorkeling Package, you do not need to worry of how to reach the Island. The trip from Bali to Nusa Penida is only about 30-45 minutes by speed boat. And there are many fast speed boat operated everyday from Bali Island to Nusa Penida. You could choose to depart from Sanur Beach Harbour or Pemelisan Port at Denpasar. In addition, we suggest you to choose one of the best speed boats, called Sunfish Boat. The boats have capacity of 60 up to 115 passengers and fully equipped with safety equipment. Moreover, the jetty in the port shall save you to avoid being wet when reaching the boat.

Best Spots of Lembongan Island Snorkeling Package

For one day Lembongan Island Snorkeling Package, we choose three of the best spots. They are Manta Bay, Crystal Bay, and Mangrove Bay. Enjoy the adventure to three diving spots in a one day tour.


Lembongan Island Snorkeling Package

   Manta Ray at Lembongan Island, by Ilse Reijs and Jan-Noud Hutten/Flickr

MANTA BAY | Lembongan Island Snorkeling Package

Manta Bay is the first spot you should visit during Lembongan Island Snorkeling Package. Manta Bay at Lembongan Island is a shallow bay around 10-meter depths which is surrounded with limestone cliffs. What unique is you could meet and swim with manta rays.  Moreover, the ocean water is so clear, so that you could see the manta from the water surface. You shall not only swim with one manta ray, but there are several even dozens of them could accompany you.

Once you jump, you shall meet face to face with a manta ray. With a-giant body appearance, manta rays is not dangerous that like to play with snorkelers. Even though their body size is scary, manta rays are gentle species.

CRYSTAL BAY | Lembongan Island Snorkeling Package

Another beautiful spot of Lembongan Island Snorkeling Package is Crystal Bay where you could see beautiful and colorful corals and fishes. Along the way to Crystal Bay, you could enjoy the panorama of palm trees. In addition, Crystal Bay is one of favorite spot with sparkling water as clear as crystal and white-grey sand as well as it has calm water and weave conditions. Besides snorkeling, you could spend time for relaxation and sun-bathing activities during the visit to Crystal Bay.

What unique in Crystal Bay snorkeling is you will be lucky to meet up with the giant-oceanic sunfish or mola-mola, particularly in between July and September. Sunfish or mola-mola has a giant size of more than 4 meters in length and reach 2000 kg in weight. Besides mola-mola, you could meet other marine species such as eagle rays, white sharks, leopard sharks, scorpion fishes, and octopus.

MANGROVE BAY – Lembongan Island Snorkeling Package

Mangrove Forest and Mangrove Point are also perfect and spectacular. Mangrove Forest located at Jungut Village, and Mangrove Point at the northern part of the Village. Lembongan Island Snorkeling Package shall make you amaze with the experience snorkeling like in a giant aquarium. Moreover, many colorful fishes shall accompany you. There are also hundred types of beautiful corals inside the ocean. Besides snorkeling at Mangrove Point, you could also take a tour to the Mangrove Forest by using a traditional wood boat or kayaking. You shall learn about the importance role of the mangrove forest especially in relation to preserve coral reefs and some marine species.

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