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Common Health Problems You Might Encounter When Traveling To Bali With Children

Traveling To Bali With Children
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Yoexplore– Family Vacation, Traveling to Bali with children is a very fascinating thing to do. You can take your child to see the beauty of the other part of the world and let them learn from the new culture they meet. However, traveling to Bali with children has its own challenges such as how will they adjust to the climate in Bali and how will you be able to make your child enjoy the experiences. You can overcome the problem by knowing what to expect and what to pack.

We all expect that we would have perfect vacations, however, there is also a chance that you might encounter the health problem in during your vacations. I would like to inform you about the common health problems that might occur when you are traveling to Bali with children and how to prevent or overcome them.

Traveler’s Diarrhea

Traveler’s Diarrhea is a very common disease encountered by travelers. It can be caused by the stress of traveling, diet change, or infection. Traveler’s diarrhea usually very unpleasant, but it is not really serious unless you get a high fever, persistent vomiting, bloody feces, decreased urine volume (decreased amount of wet diapers in toddlers). You should also be alerted if you find dehydration symptom when you get the traveler’s diarrhea.

When you are traveling to Bali with children, your chance to get this disease are lower if you stay in the south area. If you stay in the north or East Bali, this chance can be bigger due to the hotter climate. This diseases usually will disappear without any medical treatment.

Pay attention if your children get this disease because children tend to get dehydration faster. Call the doctor immediately if your children get diarrhea with constant vomiting. The doctor will give the medical treatment and refer to the medical facility if necessary. Something you can do to overcome this problem is to consult your doctor before going to Bali. Your doctor will give you the instruction or medicine to overcome the symptom in an early stage if necessary.

Cerumen Blockage- Traveling to Bali with children

What can be more interesting for young children than playing with water? Their love to play with water sometimes get them to a problem: cerumen blockage. This is also a very common disease for the traveler of any age. This health problem is very annoying because it caused severe pain in the ear and head. Cerumen or earwax is a natural secretion made by your ear. One of the function is to protect your ear canal by catching dirt and slowing the bacteria growth. Naturally, this wax will be washed away. In some people, the wax is become hard and cannot we washed away naturally.

When the water enters the ear canal, the accumulated wax then absorb the water and expanded. It will fill the ear canal and create unpleasant symptoms. The symptoms such as earache, fullness feeling in the affected ears, decreased hearing ability, and dizziness. When traveling to Bali with children, you will need to visit an ENT specialist to help you with this problem.

To prevent this problem ruin your traveling to Bali with children, I would advise you to visit your family doctor before going to Bali to check the ear canal condition. Your doctor will take any required treatment to clean the earwax, so it will not fill the ear canal when it contacting water.

Food Allergy

If you have food allergies, I recommend you to be very careful in choosing your meal. If you are not sure about the ingredients, your waiter will be happy to help you to explain. However, the chance to get the food allergy symptoms is still high if you try the local food of those ingredients do not exist in your home country.

Go to the doctor immediately if you get worsening symptoms such as difficulties to breath, rapid pulse, shock, and severe dizziness. Something that you can do prior to going to Bali is getting to know whether you and your family have any kind of allergy (food and medicine). Please share the information with your travel companion, so that they will be able to inform the doctor who treats you if you lost your consciousness due to the allergy.

Food Poisoning

This health problem is prone to young children as their immune system is not fully developed. However, adults are also exposed to the risk of food poisoning. The symptoms of this health problem include vomiting, diarrhea, cramp, and fever. You should visit a doctor if the symptoms become more severe.

As this problem caused by eating contaminated food, you should try your best to eat cooked meals and wash your hands often.

Dengue Fever

Traveling To Bali With Children

Got sick during holiday might ruin your vacation
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This animal-borne diseases can ruin your holiday when traveling to Bali with children. You can avoid this disease by having your mosquito repellent handy and use it as often as necessary. Avoid going to the bushy area without protection. Wear a long-sleeved shirt and long pants if applicable will help you to avoid the mosquito bites.

See the doctor immediately if you get fever accompanied by muscle, bone and joint pain, and pain behind your eyes. This fever can be fatal if you don’t treat it well. Dengue fever in children usually do not show any simptoms, but you should keep an eye to them once they complained about the symptoms.  Generally,  people will take about seven days to recover, but it might take longer. I advise you to consult your physician in your home country to consider Dengue vaccination before traveling to Bali with children.


when you loose more fluid than your intake, you will get dehydration. This condition is very dangerous for young children and older adults. This condition can occurs if you do not drink enough water during hot weather and doing a vigorous activity.

The symptoms of dehidrations in young childres as follows: dry mouth, no tears when crying, no urinating for three hours, sunken cheeks, sunken soft spot on the top of the skull, and irritability. In adult, the color of the urine can be used to determinate whether you got dehydration or not.  However, you should aware that some food and vitamins can affect your urine color.

To prevent this condition, you should eat enough water an eat foods that contain much water such as fruits. Please go to the doctor if you feel the symptoms worsening, even after you try to get more fluid intake. The IV treatment might be needed to treat the dehydration.

Yup, that is some health problems that you might encounter while traveling in Bali with children. The medical cost in Bali is not cheap, especially for foreigners. For some case it might cost you an arm and a leg! So I think it would be wise for you to keep healthy and do any prevention steps required. I recommed you to have travel insurance before you go vacationing. You can go with calm heart and not worry about the medical bills if needed.

I wish you are healthy during your holiday in Bali and happy traveling!



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